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Anzen and ZAK launch communication tool "Yobitan" (call terminal) to facilitate staff notices, announcements and paging on building premises

Anzen Co., Ltd. (Toyama city, Toyama prefecture; CEO Mitsuru Fuse) and ZAK Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President Masaaki Yonemura) have developed a unified product brand "AtoZ" to offer new products and solutions.

As the first step, we announce the launch on 1st April of "Yobitan," a tool that will make communication on building premises more convenient. Its uses include paging, for example, in waiting rooms and at pay desks in hospitals as well as contacting employees and sending staff notices.

Sales are expected to reach 50,000 sets in the first year.


       Background to launch of "Yobitan"

Situations abound in which customers are kept waiting for services, and the most common response is to hand out number tags and display the number on an electronic signboard or simply summon the customer by vibration and sound.

For contacting employees, the phone is the most commonly used method, but this means running up monthly call charges. Often, personal cell phones are used for business communications.

"Yobitan" was designed to provide an easy means of communication on building premises.


 "Yobitan" enables communication by sending accurate messages to individual recipients. Fixed-phrase replies can be sent, maximising its effectiveness for business communication purposes. In addition, it incurs no monthly call charges.

With the widespread use of email these days, the short message communication tool is useful in all kinds of situations.



       Three merits of "Yobitan"

A compact, smartly designed terminal, "Yobitan" lets you send messages and fixed-phrase replies.

It is ideal for summoning waiting customers or contacting employees without running up any monthly call charges.


"Yobitan" has the following three features not found on other brand call terminals.


1. It allows you to send fixed-phrase messages or create your own text by simple operation

2. By pre-setting replies in the receiving terminal, the recipient can simply choose a reply message

3. No construction work is required



Reasonable introductory price and useful functions

"Yobitan" offers reasonable introductory costs and user-friendly functions such as sending messages to a designated terminal by simple operation with the pen.

Basically, no special construction work is required to introduce "Yobitan." Depending on the situation of the building premises, it may be necessary to install a relay device, but all the terminal requires is plugging in to a power outlet. There is no need for construction of a base station to enable communication.





Communication terminal easily identifies the general whereabouts of the terminal carrier

"Yobitan" uses IEEE.802.15.4 communication standard. Installing a relay device midway allows two-way communication over a wide area. By performing regular communication checks between the transmitter and the terminal, you can obtain information such as which relay device communication is directed through. You can find out whether the terminal is out of signal range or which relay device is located nearby.


<"Yobitan" Specifications>

Wireless system: IEEE802.15.4

Display function: 2.8-inch colour LCD

10-digit x 4-line display

ASCII coding. Hiragana, katakana and kanji (JIS Second Standard) display

Graphics display

Call function: 5 ring tones and vibrator

Power supply: Lithium ion polymer battery

Charged using cradle-type charger

Size: W88 × D55 × H13 mm

Weight: Approx. 150g or less



Product description

Product name: On-the-premises communication tool "Yobitan"

Date of release: 1 April 2011

Recommended retail price: \28,000 (excluding tax)  *Including one year free warranty

Manufacturer: Anzen Co., Ltd.

General distributor: ZAK Co., Ltd.


"Yobitan" external view: http://www.atpress.ne.jp/releases/19291/1_1.JPG



Two kits for easy introduction and utilisation of "Yobitan"

1. Fixed-phrase call kit "SMC Yobitan Kit"

This kit uses an original code called SMC (Simple Microdot Code) that does not interfere with the design of printed material and allows the user to send messages to a designated terminal by simple operation with the SMC pen.


SMC (Simple Microdot Code) is a code for expressing a single code pattern as a 2-dimensional array of dots in a 2.5mm square. It can express 4 billion 32-bit numeric codes.

The code is read by the dedicated infrared scanner pen, called an SMC pen, and provides a link to printed material and digital content. By using special ink and by combining with the design, the code can be made more or less invisible to the human eye, ensuring that it does not impede the design of the printed material.


2. "Yobitan" Developer's Kit

The developer's kit is necessary when incorporating Yobitan into an existing system or developing a new system. In addition to the "Yobitan" control DLL, we offer a control DLL for the SMC pen, which uses the SMC code, and sample programmes.



About AtoZ

AtoZ is the unified product brand of Anzen Co., Ltd. and ZAK Co., Ltd.

As the English idiom implies, we offer new products and solutions combining the traditional communication medium of paper with new technologies in various communication fields, such as person-to-person, person-to-system, and machine-to-machine.






Company Profiles

Company name: Anzen Co., Ltd.

Address: 1358-5 Mukaishinjo, Toyama-shi, Toyama-ken

Representative: CEO Mitsuru Fuse

URL: http://www.kkanzen.jp/


Company name: ZAK Co., Ltd.

Address: 3-18-6-108 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Representative: President Masaaki Yonemura

URL: http://www.zak-corp.jp/


Inquiries about this product

Anzen Co., Ltd.

Attn. Toshihiko Shimizu

TEL: 03-5577-6296

FAX: 03-5577-6294

E-mail shimizu@kkanzen.jp


ZAK Co., Ltd.

Attn. Hisashi Ikenaga

TEL: 03-5775-7704

FAX: 020-4622-6010

E-mail ikenaga@zak-corp.jp