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Privacy Policy

ZAK Corporation makes our own contributions to highly sophisticated information society, through providing various customers engaged in manufacturing, service and information industries with instruction manuals, service manuals and contents creation. We strictly control and protect all personal information to the best of its knowledge in the course of carrying out business, on the basis of the "Statutes Observance Plan" provided by law.

1. Collection (Acquisition), Use and Supply of Personal Information

Personal information should be collected (acquired) by reasonable and fair means for the purpose of use clearly defined. Personal information can only be used for the purpose which the said person consents and take measures to avoid use for purposes other than the original intent. Personal information can only be supplied to a third party with prior consent by the said person. Personal information management be managed accurately and kept up to date within the extent necessary to accomplish the intended use.

2. Security Management of Personal Information

In order to maintain correct personal information and prevent improper extraction, loss, damage, alteration and disclosure, etc., we take measures for security management by the organization, personnel, hardware and technology.

3. Observance of Statutes and other Regulations Related to Personal Information Protection

Personal information should be handled in compliance with statutes and policies related to personal information protection issued by in the country and industry.

4. Continuous Improvement of "Statutes Observance Plan"

The "Statutes Observance Plan," including regulations and other factors is formulated and implemented in order to carry out the personal information protection policy. The educational degrees of the entire staff and actual performance status should be supervised regularly in order to increase its actual effectiveness. "Statutes Observance Plan" should be re-evaluated and continuously improved as well. ZAK Corporation requires its staff and entire group of business persons to fully understand the tenets and purpose of this policy. ZAK Corporation will take measures to ensure that every employee and and the public can acquire the policy text, to ensure that our staffs will pay the closest attention this policy in the course of ordinary business.