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Simple Microdot Code

Simple Microdot Code

about SMC Basic construction

Imagine a manufactured or printed product with invisible code markings on it, but when scanned with a decoder pen is instantly confirmed or denied as authentic, licenced and approved.

Imagine thumbing through a catalog and spotting a product that sparks your interest. Just wave a decoder pen over the image, and watch additional information suddenly pop up on your laptop over the internet.

Imagine reading a biology text before midterms and needing a better explanation on the reproductive system of flowers. Simply roll a decoder pen over the page to instantly view related videos and articles.

Imagine sitting in sidewalk pizzeria in your neighborhood. From under your umbrella, you run a decoder pen over the desired pie and click the button to instantly transmit your order to the kitchen.

Imagine scanning a plain looking shipping label and instantly seeing expanded information about the customer, their order and the contents of their shipment, without any visible barcode.

Just imagine ...