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The Technology Has Arrived

Invisible code. High-tech decoder pens. Not just forsecrete agents anymore.

They might sound like devices used in counter intelligence, but the technology now offers major advantages in real-life business situations. On just 2.5 square millimeters, you can now print a bounty of information that can be quickly and easily accessed with a decoder pen or fixed mount scanner.

Manufactures no longer have to use valuable space on their packaged products to display ugly barcodes.. Hidden SMC patterns allow them to dedicate the entire package to branding and product information. Then just scan the label with a decoding device to retrieve digital content such as from the Internet or CD-ROM instantly. It can display a variety of information on the PC, TV or mobile device.

All grown up now, the technology is bringing together print and digital data in new ways that can improve the way we communicate and do business! The convergence has the potential to revolutionize how we sell products, distribute information and educate people.

The print material embedded with SMC Microdot Code appears to be regular printed material. Touch it with an optical pen to instantly retrieve digital content from the Internet or a CD-ROM. The system can then display a variety of information on the PC, TV or mobile device.
The SMC CMOS multi-lens sensor quickly reads Stealth Ink codes with minimal energy consumption.

Is The SMC Technology Platform Right For You?

Would printed hidden SMC patterns tied to digital data improve your product, service, workflow, tracking or authentication?

Could your implementation of SMC use a pen sensor (as illustrated in this brochure), fixed scanner, mobile or wireless scanner?

Would your solution work with unique SMC patterns from one pattern to four-billion?

Do you have the product development and integration capabilities to work with the SMC platform?

Do you have a printer relationship to provide the special printing requirements of the SMC platform?